1. You check that you are eligible and you are willing to accept the Beneficiary Terms and Conditionsall good then you let Swale Life know on the application form.
  2. Swale Life requests a voucher for you on the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (“DCMS”)  website.
  3. Look out for the email from the Better Broadband Voucher team. Make sure it doesn’t end up in your spam folder because until you agree the new connection, the team can’t issue your voucher. It will come from better.broadband@notifications.service.gov.uk with a link to their website where you’ll find the scheme terms and conditions. If you confirm that you are happy with them we will confirm to your broadband provider that we have issued a voucher for you.
  4. Once your voucher is issued (which we see on the DCMS website) we have 28 days to install your system.
  5. Once installed we do some paper work with DCMS to let them know.
  6. Look out for the second email from the Better Broadband Voucher team from better.broadband@notifications.service.gov.uk because this time you will be asked to confirm that the new service has been connected and that you are happy with your new broadband speed.
  7. DCMS then pay Swale Life for your installation.
  8. You will receive one final email from the Better Broadband Voucher team to confirm how much your voucher was worth – this on your connection invoice. As a possible follow-up, the Better Broadband Voucher team may ask if they can run a spot check on your connection a short time later.

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