Our installation costs are £349.92 this includes one router/access point – if your house needs a more complicated system further costs may be needed – these extra costs will not be covered by the Better Broadband Scheme.

Our monthly fee is £29.60 + £0.30 transaction costs for Direct Debit

Our fees will change from time to time as described on our website. As a member of the company you will have the opportunity to discuss any changes and vote on the options. But these changes are binding within your contractual period. However, the Company as a member of Ofcom recognises that we must give you at least a month’s notice of this and allow you to exit your contract without penalty if these are detrimental to you.

We utilise http://gocardless.com to process invoice payments and monthly direct debits; their name GOCARDLESS will appear on your bank statement with SWALELIFECIC in the reference.

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